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“Against the chaos of forgetting” Campaign:

The MUPI maintains an ongoing campaign to recover documents of historic, cultural, or artistic significance. We obtain such materials via donations, loans, or custody. If you have an item and wish to share it with us, please contact us at



The Historic Archive of the Museum of the Word and Image (MUPI) conserves a legacy composed of documents, manuscripts, paintings, prints, and photographs, audio and film that document the historical events and memories of El Salvador.


What do we do?Georgina desacidificando

  • Rescue, conserve, and distribute our historical sources in service of students, researchers, and the public at large who are interested in learning about the contemporary history and culture of El Salvador.
  • Offer consultation services via catalogs and inventories of documents; photo copying documents is also available.


How is our work conducted?

To organize, catalog, and conserve documents we use the following tools:

  • Dewey cataloging system.
  • Archival standards for arranging and describing sources.
  • Equipment and materials for cleaning videotapes, photographs and textual documents.


What information can you find?

Library: Specializing in historical, literary, and social science primary (original documents) and secondary sources (research literature on the subject) on El Salvador.

Archive on Salvadoran writers, artists, and intellectuals: writer and painter, Salarrué; political activist and poet, Roque Dalton; pianist and musicologist, María de Baratta; human rights defender, Civil War Martyr, and advocate of Liberation Theology, Archbishop Romero; poet, political activist, and presidential candidate, Prudencia Ayala; poet, novelist, diplomat, and lawyer, Hugo Lindo; poet, anthropologist, and linguist, Pedro Geoffroy Rivas; poet, essayist, and playwright, Matilde Elena López; and poet Alfonso Kijadurías, among others.

Information on important contemporary historical events: The 1932 Insurrection; The War with Honduras (1969); The Salvadoran Civil War (1980-1992).

Legacy of Salarrué: Writer, sculptor, painter, musician and diplomat. Documents, objects, photographs, and personal library of this important Salvadoran artist.

Newspaper Archive: Newspapers and magazines, literary, cultural, social science, and clandestine publications dating prior to and after the armed conflict (1980-1992).

Photography Archive: More than 30,000 photographs on the armed conflict, and the carlos georgina digitalizacioncollections of Salvadoran artists, intellectuals, and writers.

Film and Video Library: Productions realized during the armed conflict and contemporary Salvadoran audio visuals.

Radio Archive: Conserves the radio broadcasts from the Civil War (1980-1992) of Radio We Will Overcome (Radio Venceremos) and Radio Farabundo Martí. Recordings on cultural themes and contemporary history. Voice recordings of historical actors, human rights testimonies, the status of women in El Salvador, interviews, etc. and other themes dealing with history, memory, and culture.



  • Consulation room for groups
  • Individual cubicles
  • Internet Access
  • Visual, audio, and video equipment
  • Equipment for the reproduction of documents: photocopiers, scanners, digital photos


Consultation Hours:

From Monday to Friday: 8am to 12pm– 2pm to 5pm

Saturday: 8am to 12pm


Contact Us:

27 Av. Norte #1140 (between 19 and 21 Calle Poniente)

Urb. La Esperanza, San Salvador, El Salvador.

Tel: (503) 2564-7005


El MUPI te espera en la 27 Avenida norte, # 1140, Urbanización La Esperanza, San Salvador. Tel. 2564-7005

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